Negotiating Research Grant Agreements with Universities and Research Institutions

2015 Tax Seminar (Salk Institute), La Jolla, California

117685890As a foundation, working with universities and nonprofit research institutions can be an exciting and rewarding process!  While there are different ways you can fund this type of project, it is important to consider negotiating a grant agreement with the institution to clarify both parties’ expectations in a written record.  This paper and presentation explore different aspects of the grant agreement negotiation process and include several sample clauses to consider when negotiating.

Private Foundations: A practical Guide to Key Issues, Choices, and Risks

Philanthropy Southwest and the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

160910502Consider this paper the “CliffsNotes” to the planning, creation, and operation of private foundations.  If you need to go back to the basics of charitable planning, start here.  [Looking for a reference outline on public charities?  See my paper posted in 2014 titled Article: Public Charity Basics.]

Legal Issues in the Church: Top Concerns for Keeping Your Church Out of Court

People’s Law School, Waco, Texas

140406647(1)This paper and presentation outline factors to consider when organizing and operating to avoid liability in the church.  Topics covered include organizing and insuring to protect against liability; operating to avoid liability claims arising from church conflict, personal injury, child abuse, counseling, and employment practices; and operating to avoid premises liability claims.