Fiduciary Requirements for Members of Nonprofit Boards

160895396Fort Worth Chapter TSCPA Free CPE Day 2016, Fort Worth, Texas

This paper and PowerPoint expand on my presentation from last month, with an added look at excess benefit transactions as related to public charities.

Nonprofit Governance Policies and Procedures Revisited: Trends, Developments and More

2015 TSCPA Nonprofit Organizations Conference, Dallas, Texas, (co-presented with David Rosenberg)

153834794Your foundation is up and running, you are happily serving your niche, and you have suddenly realized that you need policies and procedures in place for all the new situations arising in your day-to-day activities.  What policies do you need?  What state and federal laws should you consider?  This talking points presentation and packet of sample policies will point you in the right direction when drafting and revising your foundation’s policies and procedures.

Welcome to Moore Nonprofit Law


Welcome to my new site!

Who am I?  My name is Darren Moore and I’m a lawyer with a practice focused on the legal issues faced by nonprofit organizations.  Thus, the name of the blog (get it?  Moore is my name but this is also a place to get “more” nonprofit law — I know, that’s why I’m a lawyer and not an advertising genius).  You can find out more about me on the About page.

This is a new site I recently created as a place I can comment on current legal events affecting nonprofits and offer thoughts and advice on various nonprofit legal and tax topics.  As the number of posts grows, so will the topics and blog categories.  It also gives me a place to keep papers and presentations from seminars for anyone who may be interested.  (Side note, I am still uploading papers from previous years so as of this post, that section isn’t quite complete).  Finally, the Resources page contains a list of links that I find helpful in regard to nonprofit legal issues and hope you do too.  New categories of blog posts will be created as new posts go up, so check back in from time to time.

When I’m not tending to this site (which, let’s face it, means most of the time) I practice at the Fort Worth, Texas law firm of Bourland, Wall & Wenzel, P.C. I’m fortunate to get to work with such smart and hard-working folks.  If you are looking for legal services (as opposed to legal information which this site provides), click over to the firm site, and go from there.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you’ll stay tuned.  Next up, a series on fiduciary duties of nonprofits decision-makers.