People’s Law School: Keeping Your Church Out of Court

78617312 (2)Over Valentine’s weekend while my wife and kids ran around the Baylor campus and saw the sites (including the bears, which my seven year old surmised were the reason for the cemetery on the edge of the campus), I had the pleasure of teaching two class sessions at the People’s Law School, a program offered by Baylor Law School for the local community.

In my first session, I taught a program called Keeping Your Church Out of Court.  Several of my law firm partners developed this program in the late 1990s to assist church leaders in understanding risks and how to mitigate those risks in the operation of a church.  Obviously in a 60-minute session there is a limit to how many of those can be discussed, but we had a nice group and a good discussion.  The paper is available here and the PowerPoint deck is available here.